Stay & Straight Ahead-Shan Shuei Community Center

Wuqi District presents a state of stagnation and flow. Because of the subtle connection with each other, life in Wuqi District is slow and regular, and people are interwoven with delicate and clear relationships. The design will create an activity center. Through the form of light and shadow, materials, and arcs, it is expected to create a slow atmosphere to make people aware of the change of time and to promote communication between different groups.
There are three elements that make people feel the temporality, (rhythm), (gesture), and (gradient). Trying to create the illusion of the inner and outer images of the [entrance] with arcs, as well as creating publicity and space effects.
Create an order on the plane, and  use thick walls to generate a gradual rhythm, allowing people to walk in the space like a corridor and feel the interval of time being interrupted. Arches appear from time to time, and with the light, the perception of indoor and outdoor begins to blur.
Two long volumes are set on both sides to move horizontally to feel the arc on the façade; the slope between the two volumes makes people change the direction of the body, and the vertical movement feels the arc of the square below, as well as the arc wall and the ground The red earth, the shadow that changes with the sun, such as the symbol of positioning the center of activity and the outside world.
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