女子裸身站在陽台,卻有十足的「安全感」,這安全感來自她後方的深度,是屬於她的 thickness。從拆解案子開始,討論關於處在建築中到的「安全感」,發展出各種可能。


最終使用把身體馴化的 linkages 和 thickness 覆蓋之範圍之組合,夾雜家鄉真實事件故事,設計出一座由阿嬤做為後場人員,女人進行表演讓男人觀看的劇場。





While a crowd marched through Seattle, a woman above them stood naked at the threshold of her balcony. And soon she’s the center of attention. Her gesture shows that she was secure. And the reason why she has the security is the thickness of space behind her which is deep enough for her to create those secure spaces of her own.


We began as a previous architectural project, we analyzed the project and turned it into the formative drawings, and then we drew the fundamental type of the project. Second, we picked a spot in each project of our own which is the place that we feel the most secure. After that, we tried to develop as many types as possible ( growth and limits ).


After that, I used the linkages (rational, males, be seen) which I found in the fundamental type and the spaces that one could feel the security (sensual, females, unseen) to design a theater that grandmothers being backstage crew, females as performers and males as audience.


Finally, I turned the story about feminism into sixs sequential spaces. And those spaces made my hometown become a grand theater, and everyone's daily life became a wonderful show.