Space Mutation


In 2049 the the land on the ground is crowded and not safe. So i need to create another new ground on the sky. The story start with me and my Indonesian friend. We migrate to Taiwan and need to survive here. The connection between me and him are friend. My friend is a muslim so he need a place to pray. We also create a small restaurant for a living. 


  • Inspire by Taiwan design. Where they put their living space above their restaurant. We both create a small restaurant as a program. 
  • We both want to design a living space where we also bring the cultural Indonesian house place as a part of the living space.


(Most Indonesian house have a place called gazebo. It's a space where people seat and talk. A comfortable space to rest and chat with people we know.)



Understanding the topic of the project which is parasitic architecture. How we arrange and adapting to the site. 


As the pervious concept of the warehouse which is lifting things from lower ground to another ground in the sky. 


Im choosing a four steel bar standing in the middle of the site. Arrangement of every program adapting from 3m x 3m blocks that the site has given. Transition from public place to our personal private space.