Try to shape the various functional areas in the wine leisure farm into a town that isdifferent from the outside world, with the hotel as the core of the entire farm, and therest of the volume diverging outwards and connecting the hotel lobby with park roads,similar to the concept "all roads lead to Rome". Therefore, the remaining functions areclustered into a small village, and finally connected with the hotel to form a largetown.
[ HOTEL ]: Using the dramatic space to accept passengers, passengers must passthrough a long sloped corridor to release their emotions before arriving at theaccommodation area.
[ HOUSE ]: In the nine square grids, each small grid is a function, surrounding theatrium that is completely open in the center.
[ WINE EXPERIENCE HALL ]: The organic shape on the ground floor allowspassengers to have a special space experience when tasting or visiting. Below thesevolumes is the wine cellar.
[ COFFEE SHOP ]: The placement of large stones is used as a positioning point in thespace, while the S-line passage is reserved, and the small stones are used as seats ortables for passengers to use at will.
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