The "market" - where emotions and time converge

The word "market" stands for trading. Nowadays, the market's trading function may be divided by other trading systems, but what cannot be replaced is the human emotion exchanged in the traditional market.The secondary market, seemingly chaotic cover, follows the original spatial context of the secondary market to form a cluster, but in fact it is the consumption habits of the secondary market itself that form a spatial state of settlement, with consistency in the use of space:The wall is a replica surface, and the route forms a gathering center, which in turn forms different small neighborhoods from one district to another.
I use two levels to gather the second market to gather the elderly, youth, and the original snack culture.
1. It is a relatively light and less intense route that can flow freely around and connect different living groups in the Central District.
2. The hexagonal building is a strong, spiritual object to gather all people and awaken their collective memory of the second market.
3. The park experience of Taichung Park provides a lively, mobile, and dynamic exchange experience in the second market.

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