Water Cemetery

Under the extreme environment of climate change, the annual water storage rate in Taiwan only accounts for 20% of the annual rainfall, and the remaining 80% is flooded due to arbitrary surface runoff due to the rapid development of urbanized cities.Starting from the study of the relationship between settlements, hydrology, and mountains in Taiwan: settlements are built on mountains and water systems, and infrastructure and NIMBY facilities are generated with the increase of settlement population. As transportation becomes more convenient, settlements are gradually concentrated and expanded, and land use tends to be tense. As a result, in the process of urbanization, infrastructure and NIMBY facilities are constantly being pushed out, and land use spreads to the foot of the mountain. Getting closer, how is the buffer space on the edge of the city being redefined?The base is selected at the junction of the Central Mountain Range and Taichung Beitun Flat. This is the last buffer zone before the water system on Dakeng Mountain floods into the city after an instant heavy rain.During the Qing Dynasty, as a place of frequent wars, the cemetery area has been preserved for hundreds of years. In recent years, due to the expansion of the transportation system, the sightseeing of Dakeng and the rezoning of Beitun land were relocated. In the process of urbanization, the living think silently about the deceased. There is little room for space and time between nature and the city.The two meet at the edge of the city. In addition to adding a buffer space for flood retention, the design is to collect it when flooded and supply it when there is a shortage of water. At the same time, the cemetery area, which is about to become a mountain of nagu towers, will be relocated here. , combined with NIMBY facilities and infrastructure in the city, and integrated in the buffer zone on the edge of the city.Life and death, nature and the city, with water as the medium, between the turning points, seek the sustenance of the last farewell in the world.

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