Urban Aquaporin - Infrastructure Plan

Starting from studying the history of Taoyuan Pound.

In the past, the ponds were all over the Taoyuan terraces. Now they are gradually removed from the water system due to inappropriate use. Ignoring the ponds, I tried to observe the relationship between the urban traffic texture and the ponds. The two are superimposed on the land forming an opposing relationship. The site is located in the corner of the Taoyuan city. A pond is divided into two by a road. It is the starting point of farmland irrigation water, and it is also a node where urban wastewater is collected.

Cities are run by public infrastructure, but these infrastructures are placed on the periphery of the city. If the city continues to expand, the periphery of the city is no longer there, and we can no longer leave the infrastructure outside the city. Therefore, I put a " water purification plant" in the corner of the city to think about urban transportation, water and human relationship. 
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