The struggle between electricity and the environment _Taichung thermal power plant renovation plan

The huge new land has grown out of the five large chimneys of the city's landmark, and the interior is like a small city that is constantly burning and producing electricity.It told the history and memory of the development of electricity in the past, but this nostalgic imagination cannot bring beneficial changes to the environment and people. I think that in the current energy transition, the application of The decommissioned coal-fired unit is the solution as a design idea.

The design base uses a chimney area as a demonstration park, using new energy to replace coal-fired power generation, and using the original equipment of the power plant to create a zero-carbon emission cycle system in the park, which can not only improve the relationship between the Taichung thermal power plant and the environment and residents , is also a declaration-like existence, declaring that the land polluted by people will eventually be occupied by nature and become a utopia where people yearn for a beautiful environment.
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