Mixed Blood - Taichung / New / Citizen / Field

The dilemma faced by foreign workers in Taiwan is a vicious circle of life issues. Learning can solve the dilemma they encountered. About learning of foreign workers, specific projects include language, financial management and computer courses. However, attempts, experiences and feelings in different dimensions, rest and freedom, festivals and activities, as well as the imagination and expectations of the urban vacation life are also important.

The base is located in the southern section of Calligraphy Greenway, where crowds and activities are sparse. It is a place where foreign workers can involve.There are lush trees on both sides of the site, forming a long strip park surrounded by woods. The design develops with circles and streamlines, forming a cohesive dense core and a fluid open field, as well as different relationships and states such as intervention, participation, crossing, sparseness, solidity, and transparency.

During holidays, this is mainly a place for foreign workers to study, activities and rest; on weekdays, it is a place for NGO team offices and activities for community residents and students. During special activities, such as jazz music festivals and international food carnivals, the site can be used as a new performance and event space after the civic square.

When the traditional festivals of Southeast Asia come, it can also be used as a place for foreign workers to hold events. Finally, the site become a citizen's square that all Taichung residents can use freely, and it is also a relay station for foreign workers to fill in and adjust their life journey and career operation capabilities.

​While assisting foreign workers, city have also enhanced their competitiveness in the face of global labor shortages in the future.
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