SPACE EXTEND AND DYNAMIC TRACTION – new Tunghai university art village

This project is located in Tung-Hai University. In 1955, when the school was founded, Ming-Xiang Hall, Oberlin Square, and the postal office used to be the central hub for student activity, but in recent years with advancements in technologies, the postal office has been out of use, hence the declining liveliness around the area. Trying to break the current closed state by reorganizing the environment configuration, adopting two strategies, one is to insert a new axis in the campus, which is used as the axis of students' life, and the second is to use the art gallery as the core, and use new nodes to rebuild The relationship between the church and the lecture hall, the tourists and the students is connected, and through the mutual pulling and pulling between different volumes, the students have the opportunity to stand and communicate with each other along the route!
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