Relevance of Time - Coastal Corridor

The main concept is concluded from the four inspirational sentences, which are respectively “Does Alice in wonderland exist ?” ,” The current state of contemporary and introspection of the tower of Babel '' ,”Where is the place without any approaching of AI? , “How eggshell will break? I made conclusion of these four concepts, which is it will appear the different scale of time and situation  while space remain the different border.I chose the windbreak beside Cijing western coast as my design site. My design would be a 700m trail and bikeway, which horizontally relates to the facilities around. Cut out different boundaries at various speeds along the coast, control the speed, time, activity, time mode, sound and other elements of the existing time scales after controlling different boundaries,and re-divide three time scale types and ranges to allow tourists and resident moving on the seashore can perceive the difference in time and state, and a abundant experience takes place on this corridor.

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