Ring - an interval museum twists nature and living

Since the period of japanese colonial rule, artificial and natural objects haven't completely disappeared. Traces from the settlement's curve lane, the military camp and historical events insert on the site, which becomes the chaotic border beneath the texture of the city.
Outdoor theater is surrounded by the brick stairs which were part of the original park. Which enclosing the passing citizens, activities playing on the plaza and two ficuses. citizens and the historical trace all get protected beneath the shade.
Citizen ring (2F) main for the artists' dormitory and citizens' library.  Alonging with the center camphor into the library and artists is a series of an action. Visitors can observe the plants from different histories through intervals between buildings. It's a vision connection around the continued situation and intervals.
Gallery ring- the process of visiting is gradual. Experience the exhibition which is encompassed by similar gallery volumes. As visitors pass from one volume to another one, there are some intervals revealing the information and scenery from the outside.Visitors can make an extraordinary attraction while passing from closed to completely open. It's a connection between the inside ring and the city.
Rings play an interface between city and history. Intervals lead citizens to pass the trace of history again and again. History will live on in the citizen's daily life. Green shade and red bricks will play a role in contemporary life.
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