As the database of Tunghai University Dept. of Architecture, in the future, it will include the graduation design of each year, as well as the design of each grade.This website does not use the traditional tree structure layout as a way to browse or search for works, but is classified in a manner similar to #hashtags. Years can be a tag, instructors can also be a tag, typology can also be a tag, and the user can narrow the search scope based on each label. In addition, we have added two additional categories, scale and perspective. We hope to provide viewers ways of viewing as a guide when designers are unable to show up and speak for their own work.

For us, it is not just a yearbook containing works, but a record of the growth of each student in their learning process. We can't wait to share every thing and work that happened in this small department building with the world, and we hoped that you can be touched.

Thank you to everyone who came to browse the Yearbook of THU-ARCH. If you like our work, you may wish to give us a like or share it. This is our greatest encouragement !
Photo by Aa Yen Huang
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