International Student

Admission Brochure Application Website (Fall Semester):
THU Admission e-Brochure for International Students


1. Make sure that you are eligible to apply as an international student.
2. Ensure the department/institute and the program that you intend to apply for admission is open to accepting international students.
3. Complete the “International Student Application” by filling out the application form via THU’s online application system. Please enter your personal data on the application form in Chinese or English. While completing the application form online, applicants must ensure that all of the information provided is accurate before complete the online application procedure.
4. Sign your name on the documents.
5. Prepare all documents required for application (including additional documents required by the department/institute to which applicant intends to apply.)
6. Applicants will be notified by e‐mail when your application upload is received by THU.


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