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Admission Brochure 2014-2015Application Website:

Fall Semester 2014 

- Submission of Application: 22nd Jan, 2014 - 30th Apr, 2014
- Review and Evaluation: 10th May, 2014 - 18th May, 2014
- Results of application approval posted on THU website: 13th Jun, 2014
- Letters of Admission Notification mailed to applicants: 20th Jun, 2014
- Registration: early Sep, 2014

Spring Semester 2015 

- Submission of Application: 9th Oct, 2014 - 14th Nov, 2014
- Review and Evaluation: 22th Nov, 2014 - 30th Nov, 2014
- Results of application approval posted on THU website: 19th Dec, 2014
- Letters of Admission Notification mailed to applicants: 26th Dec, 2014
- Registration: early Feb, 2015


1. Make sure that you are eligible to apply as an international student.
2. Ensure the department/institute and the program that you intend to apply for admission is open to accepting international students.
3. Complete the “International Student Application” by filling out the application form via THU’s online application system. Please enter your personal data on the application form in Chinese or English. While completing the application form online, applicants must ensure that all of the information provided is accurate before complete the online application procedure. Applicants should print out the completed application form, checklist, affidavit for international student application, academic certificate declaration, and application cover sheet.
4. Sign your name on the documents.
5. Prepare all documents required for application (including additional documents required by the department/institute to which applicant intends to apply.)
6. The application packet must be submitted either in person or by express mail to the address indicated below prior to the application deadline. (DHL or FedEx is recommended for application packets mailed from overseas.) Please attach the Application Cover Sheet to the outside of the envelope containing your documents.

- 中華民國(臺灣)40704 台中市西屯區臺灣大道四段 1727 號 「東海大學教務處招生組收」
- Admission Section, Office of Academic Affairs, Tunghai University No. 1727, Section 4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun District Taichung, Taiwan 40704, Republic of China

7. Applicants will be notified by e‐mail when your application packet is received by THU.


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