Urban story N

Observation and analysis of urban behavior and urban change using the viewpoint and screening mechanism of the four concepts of E.O.T.M. - Erasure, Origination, Transformation, and Migration, emphasizing the dynamics of cities Sex and change, and through urban behavior and change, it summarizes the patterns and issues of different phenomena and events in the city.
Concepts, needs, and policies of different eras have been repeatedly modified or demolished. The building styles, architectural activities, and details in the street outline reflect the values and construction techniques of the builders at the time of construction. By observing the street profile, the size and level of the street, the type of surrounding buildings, and the transformation of the building, the various shapes of the street are a layered history of urban life development. By examining the differences in human behavior and building use on the street, Analyze the objects that can be intervened and adjusted, and propose a more modern street profile.
The other part takes the Taichung Literature Museum and Lin Zhizhu's studio as the observation objects, analyzes the traditional Japanese architecture from the four levels of environment, architecture, structure, and senses, and summarizes the stacking relationship between the fence, the sliding door system, and the wall covering materials.
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