De-intent _1+1

1+1 is when a space or element is added by an action of its opposite nature, resulting in a spatial state that cannot be clearly defined, and an unexpected possibility. In terms of phenomena, the viewer will presuppose a certain spatial property in line with their own expectations or a habitual state, but when the nature of the space is subverted by another action, the viewer will inevitably change the original preset spatial property. Contradictions and doubts arise to rethink its definition.
The design base is located in Tunghai Villa in Taichung City. On a high-density gentle slope, the possibility of adding private outdoors and public enclosures is dealt with. The program I set up is a composite laundry and box movie hall. The downstairs 2 floors are the laundry with dedicated services. After passing through the lobby of the movie theater on the first floor, go to the movie theater space on the upper 2 floors. The idle time of nearby residents waiting for laundry is replaced by leisure activities of watching movies. The hanging fabrics for drying clothes and the curtains of movie boxes echo each other in terms of materials. Mirroring, explore the possibility of the 1+1 design method from all aspects, so as to explore the new relationship of the composite business model.
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