Redistribution of temperature in the fishing port - Bath of wasted heat

In the prose of researching traditional housing, I found architecture a unique character to reflect the harsh climate of Matsu island. one is that the heavy wall facing cool northern wind will be constructed by local granite. The wall reflects “strength & weakness” of human mental by against the harsh climate & offer a reliable living space. Another is that the yard back to cool wind cause human activities extent from in-door to out-door, which reflects the distribution of temperature will gives external space a Domesticity quality.

Base on concepts mention above, I develop my protect to reflet the special tension between climate and human on the Matsu island.

    First, I deconstruct the ice factory nearby fishing harbor, turning the wasted heat in producing of ice into an underground local Bath. So as to reflect the “strength & weakness” of human mental by a serios of physical experiences.

    Then, I create gapes between the high-floating ice factory and the underground Bath, which enable the heat and cool produced in the machine room to overflow a few. These gapes with different temperatures offer fishing labors living rooms next to the working space and create External-Domesticity.

    Either the traditional housing or my design, they all mirror the unique connection between climate and architecture on the Matsu island.
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