House of Den & Perch

The building is situated among the coastal dunes of Yuanli, Miaoli. The set program is a short-term home studio for an artist.

In a site free of human activity and noise, mother nature becomes a very obvious and intimate entity—the strong sea breeze, the rattling of the dense shrubs behind the dunes, the total darkness after dark……
The design seeks to create a living space created by both nature elements and the artificial structure. The first floor is the main living area flanked by two sand dunes, which gently descends into the courtyard surrounded by natural shrubs. For the second floor, the sensual interaction between people and nature become less intense, the focus then switches to the ocean at the distance, creating a peaceful space for resting and creating.

Rather than reducing surrounding elements to mere “ornaments” of the house, to live in this house is to accept mother nature with utmost honesty.
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