From Artefact Formation to Spatial Prototype|Sword Casting

In the first part of this research, the forming mechanism of handicrafts was transformed into the forming skills of spatial prototypes to explore new possibilities of space.
In addition to choosing soft steel and hard steel as materials, and then using quenching and tempering techniques to make swords more rigid and flexible, swords are more compatible with many cultural connotations. Confucianism is the same as a gentleman because of its upright and straight appearance, and calls the sword "the king of a hundred soldiers." Taoism also often uses the sword as a magic weapon to satisfy blessings and ward off evil spirits.
The latter part takes the craft origin as the starting point, selects a specific block in Taichung as the research scope, and uses EOTM to describe the space in the selected points within the scope to clarify the spatial shaping mechanism under the urban operation.

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