Do you know that there is such a legend: when a whale feels the end of itslife, it will exhaust all its strength, make the most glorious leap, and graduallyfall into the sea... Perhaps, the death of energy is not It is not the end, but akind of nutrient, gestating the beginning of the next energy flow? Starting fromthe operation of dynamic images, it is proposed that if the city is composed offragmented symbols, then perhaps the symbols of the city are the carriers ofenergy, among which the city Emotions, memory, communication,interaction... Looking at Taiwan from this perspective, I found that Taiwan'swater system has similar characteristics. From the past urban developmentclose to the water system, the operation of the water system is now hidden asa landscape composed of various symbolic fragments, such as water towers,dams, etc.The city's water system is divided into two, and factories andagriculture compete for water to create two time systems. The veins of thetown are composed of two rivers. In the past, cities and towns were
composed of canals, which formed their life operation system. However, afterthe establishment of the highway system, the urban development penetratedinto the town, and the aqueduct became an obstacle to the development ofthe town. In order to meet the needs of the city, various industries began toenter and collage, and the town gradually lost its subjectivity and identity.Entering the center of the town, I found that after the town was cut by urbandevelopment, the original settlement centered on the water canal has becomea dilapidated landscape, resulting in a large amount of idle and abandonedland. Water villages have gradually become the backside of residents' lives.Therefore, I extracted these lands and began to experiment with prototypes ofdifferent scales, trying to re-establish the settlement living system with thewater canal system as the main body through the prototypes, and be able tobe self-sufficient.

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