Beyond the Thickness

μ city — Negotiation Between Tiny Scale And Institutionalized City
"Scientists create events by means of structures, Bricoleur create structures by means of events" — Lévi-Strauss
The industrial revolution, with its pretensions of civilization, has been a so-called efficient governance of the city, while ignoring the human body which actually experiences space.Through the production of a tool with human scale, to observe and even disturb the city : the periscope extends the vertical perception, combined with the anchoring by horizontal walls, exploring the thickness of the volume or the void, trying to identify and reconstruct the bodily and temporal elements of the site.
The fragmentary observation of the periscope interprets the collection of objects and events along Haian Road and the streets of Tainan, and exhibits them on the wall erected on the deformed land as a new urban façade and city narrative.

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