Tectonic of Memorable Material

Materials can record traces, and traces are the remnants of past memories. Therefore, materials can carry spatial memory. Every brick and wood of an old house can be used to spy on the past use through the traces on it.The site is located in two adjacent street houses in the Central District of Taichung City. The original structure is fragile and needs to be strengthened. By slicing the damaged old wooden structural materials, they support each other again in the way of tenon joints, and become the structure of the new space, and at the same time stabilize and improve the brick walls of the old house.In terms of design method, the structural weaknesses and mechanical transmission are analyzed through "topology optimization" as a reference for the growth trend of the structure, and then the woods of different levels from large to small are arranged to be connected in sequence, so that the woods as a structural element can grow and redefine the space.The Program is set as a homestay, and the old spatial memories and traces are transformed into new spatial experiences, allowing visitors to explore the spatial memory belonging to the  Central District through real contact with the traces.

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