Township Self-Healing Program Rural publicity that produces daily reconnection

The "urban publicity" we know, uses the volume to divide the inside and outside, and the "empty" dug out in the city through the park green space, combined with the surrounding commercial/residential extension of different main activities, to provide a kind of "leisure after work" publicity".
When it comes to the "public nature of the countryside", people generally believe that it is superfluous to specially place public space in the already loose township structure compared to the city center with high land use. And such an idea was born out of the productive roads as the axis, and the commercial activities that serve the external traffic extended on both sides, and are not public activities that belong to local activities. Constantly cutting the township texture, lifeless copy stacking on the Taichung sea line. My title "self-healing" generally refers to a series of township publicity originating from production and life in the aforementioned townships. And I hope to take its spatial attributes, scale and construction language and the connection between the existing township texture and solve the main problem faced by these existing publicity-the lack of connection and fragmentation between each activity, so it is difficult to be regarded as a kind of Necessary and sufficient to represent the public activities of the township. Therefore, my proposal hopes to use a new production supply line - the online fresh vegetable sales and logistics platform. Utilizing the integration needs of the production end of packaging and logistics, the publicity of the extension of production behavior can be arranged and connected in series, and the “daily production belonging to the township” can be carried in a larger-scale manner.
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