Do you know? There's an "Island" in Anping,and we call it "Wu-Chi"

I tried to use a public facility to describe the multiple relationships between residents, visitors, and communities in daily life.The building is mainly divided into four parts to describe the interrelationship of the space, creating a state that can’t be easily defined; they are water, project, structure, and replacement. Different people will produce different interpretations on their own. Viewed from an urban perspective, this building is an interface for entering the community; and when we come to the highest floor, we see This is by no means the scenery that a swimming pool will see. We can overlook the canal and the old city on the opposite side. The swimming pool becomes a new node in Tainan. We no longer come to the swimming pool as a way of entering sports facilities, but come to the pool with the mentality of entering an urban plaza.
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