Tomorrow KeeLung - A project of an axis "Hsu-Chuan"

Market, as a start of the city.  

The city, KeeLung, owns several “markets ” which support the sleepless port .The high-density of the activities gather at Ai-Yi Rd.. Below the buildings is the passage through which the Hsu-Chuan river flows.

In the early days, Hsu-Chuan river was used to be a canal to connect between the port and the inland, it also gathered commerce on both sides and the Kanzaiding Fish Market was borned. It is a place with strong public activities. The end of the river faces the international cruise ships docking on the east bank.Today, Keelung takes cruise ships as the main port use and actively plans to build east-west harbors.It is expected that the river to be rectified, opened and to be planned as a hydrophilic space.

In the future, when the Hsu-Chuan river opens and is soon to be seen again, the fish market will also be moved. However, from the perspective of time, the activities of the market are staggered with the arrival and departure of cruise ships and civil activities.Therefore, I asked whether it is possible to preserve the activities while opening the river, and switch the role of the building to connect the surrounding at different times, and serve as a new image of the Tomorrow Keelung?
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