New Blood | Community Disturbance

In the traditional residential area on the slope of Daitou Mountain, the four-story terrace house are stacked into a square block. With the convenience store parking plaza on the hillside as the midpoint, there is a lack of interaction between the residents in the upper northwest corner of Yuan Dong Street and the lower southeast corner of Art Street, showing a scattered and unbalanced relationship.

In the first process, the two adjectives " Cohesion" and " Offset" were discussed in the structural model, and the operating rules of " Expansion" and " Connection" were developed. The co-working and co-living program are placed in the central site to bring original residents into the fresh air owing to the lively and varied co-users, which in turn disturbs the activities of the whole community. The two divided squares with a difference in volume locates the focus of the building and the surrounding area. Connected with the free curved middle platform, the people between floors are allowed to have more interaction on offset and inset inward plaza, and the community activities can also take place on the ground due to outward extended disturbance. The functional arrangements of Live, Work, Show, Rest are staggered in several units in the volume, creating diversity and possibility of space using through the coordination between specific space and public area on each floor.
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