Coastal Reduction

This project aims at re-structuring the relationship between nature and human of coast interface of Chiayi by analyzing a new material “Bio-rock” which has been testing in Coral Reef Alliance USA. Biorock is combined with CaCO3 which can reach 816 kg/cm3 extrusion stress and become the habitat of nature species.
A new system which includes new defense, aquaculture and livelihood modes to face diverse environmental issues in the future will therefore be proposed.
About defense mode, the traditional concrete dunk will be transformed into biodiversity interface which includes reef system to defense the seawater impact when the sandbank sunk under the average sea level and nourish and form a habitat composed of beach, biorock and wetlands. The seawater impact will be reduced not in one layer of concrete interface but in multi-layers of nature elements.
About aquaculture mode, instead of nurturing the same species in the same ponds, a new idea of aquaculture which inserts and nurtures the diverse but specific species will be proposed and a more complete ecosystem will gradually be constructed.
About livelihood mode, the ruined dwelling space will be reused for fostering the fry to support the new aquaculture and the town scheme will be re-planned by reconnecting the relationship between land and coast space.
In this project , Taiwan’s coast environment issues will be addressed, a sustainable strategy for the future development will be proposed, and a new vision about the future life will be reconfigured.