The Master of Arch. in Urban Design and Environmental Studies (MAUDES)

The MAUDES Program in Tunghai University offers advanced studies in architecture within an urban and rural context. Its curriculum extends from the structure of undergraduate program and benefits from the department’s strong design-orientation. The two-year program is composed of two urban design studios, three core courses, and some elective courses in specific topics on history, theory, environmental behavior, and building techniques.
In the first year students are required to take two Urban Design studios, which focus on creative thinking and professional techniques addressing selected urban or rural settings and/or restructuring issues under the trend of globalization. Besides, two majors should be chosen from among three core courses—urban studies, environmental-behavior studies, and architectural theory and critiques.
The whole set of courses and the studios will help students of this program explore a broad range of topics about the built environment and the society it exists in. It also prepares students to work either in public, private or NGO/NPO sectors and contribute to engaging in the urban development.

MArch I Program (First Professional Degree)

The Master of Architecture I (MArch I) program in Tunghai University is a first professional degree that ensures flexibility and possibility for students to develop their own design talents and creativity. It is intended for students who have completed the undergraduate degree with a major other than Architecture. The emphasis of the three-year program is on the design studio, with a full range of creative and professional courses, and electives in history, theory, and building technology. The core courses are fully integrated with Tunghai’s undergraduate curriculum, which has enjoyed a strong design-concentrated tradition for the past half-century. Each student in the final term is required to work closely with a thesis advisor to prepare an independent design thesis. The final result will be published and exhibited.
In addition to the intensive and comprehensive courses, the program also provides rich international and cross disciplinary study opportunities including a summer Workshop in Rome, a Cornell exchange program, and an international workshop held each year in Tunghai University.

The Master of Arch. in advanced architectural design (M.Arch. AAD)

The Master of Arch. in advanced architectural design (M.Arch. AAD)

This program (Group C) has facilitated several schemes for international exchange training purpose from the fall semester of 2015 onward. The international exchange schemes include “Internship Training at foreign and domestic renown architect offices,” “International Exchange Study at sister schools of architecture,” and “1+1 Graduate Master’s Dual Degree in Architecture program between Tunghai University and Universidad CEU San Pablo (USP-CEU).” 

For International Exchange Study, there are four internationally renowned institutions in Asia which have closely collaborated with Tunghai Architecture, namely “The Architecture Department at National University of Singapore,” “The College of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok,” “The College of Architecture at Silpakorn University, Bangkok,” and “The College of Architecture at KRVIA, Mumbai.” Students who have completed the one year program study at our MArch II Architectural Design Program could apply to take up their international exchange studies at those four institutions mentioned above for one semester or one year exchange.

For Internship Training, students could apply to those world-renowned architect offices either domestically or abroad for six months to one year long practice through Tunghai Architecture.

The third option is the “1+1 Graduate Master’s Dual Degree in Architecture program between Tunghai University and Universidad CEU San Pablo (USP-CEU).” Students who register to pursue this 1+1 Dual Degree program will study at the CEU San Pablo University, Madrid for one academic year, which offers curriculum on Parametric Design and Fabrication, i.e. Digital Architecture, and study for the other year at the Tunghai Architecture MArch II Program in Taiwan, which focuses on individual research based advanced architectural discourse and design. Graduates who have finished and completed the Dual Degree Master program mentioned above will receive the first Master Degree in Digital Fabrication for Architecture from CEU San Pablo University and the second Master Degree in Architecture from Tunghai University.