Basing on our rigorous teaching and fine traditional education, the graduates manage well professional skill and are accustomed to working hard, for which they are welcome by either local or foreign related profession.

Professional Performance in Taiwan

After a period of accumulation, our alumnus become outstanding in Taiwan’s architectural field. The Taiwan representative of Venice Architecture Biennale Kris Yao who displayed the strength of Taiwan design by his brand new design manner of Xin Zhu Station/Taiwan High Speed Rail in 2002.

Huang Sheng-Yuan, a famous Yi Lan architect, performs conspicuously too. His participation in “Yi Lan Housing Campaign” , five of projects in Jiao Xi had nominated by Far Eastern Architectural Design Award in 2003, had brought a trend of new housing reforms.

The second place of Far Eastern Architectural Design Award in 2003, however, was won by Community Park of Yi Lan Administration Center, whose designers are both our alumnus Kung Shu-Chang and Wu Jian-Sen.
Moreover, Jiang Le-Jing gained the prize of Award of Campus Reconstruction After 921 Earthquake by her rebuilding project Tan-nan Elementary school in 2001, When Jane Yi-Hsueh, whose Yingge Ceramics Museum, won the Outstanding Performance in Taiwan Architecture Award.

Apart from those who are mentioned above, the other remarkable congregated housings, especially in Taichung, such as Banyan Garden(榕園), Tang Village(唐莊), Utopia Community( 理想國社區), Home World(家天下), and Hongkai Wonderland(宏凱大地), etc are all founded by residents, and show creativity of our alumnus, numbers of whom have been announced as National Architect by Ministry of Home Affairs.

Expanding Abroad

During to our free and open study environments, lots of graduates and alumnus decide to set foot on foreign countries, where previously was the USA while now might be expanded to China, Japan, India, and countries in Europe. For instance, Yu-Han Michael Lin has cooperated with the other two German architects and established Behet Bonzio Lin Architects at Munster, a small village between Cologne and Stuttgart, Germany, and won the competition of new construction of Universität Leipzig in 2003, which was the first time that the Taiwan architect gains the international architectural competition.

In addition, there are several graduates participated in famous architectural studios recently, such as Kengo Kuma and Associates in Beijing, Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA, etc.


We have either exceptional achievement in The Professionals and Technical Personnel Examination for Architects in recent years. The statistic during to the percentage amount the admissions and graduates is higher than other schools two to four times.

Other Field Contribution

We also gain a lot of reputation on the other areas, especially on interior design, education, public sector, and estate, etc. In spite of their individual feature, they all have mutual characteristics which are earnest, honest, farsighted, and ambitious. Depending on these identities, they are forming a positive and strong power to prompt us toward the future.